2022 Tentative Fair Schedule

Sunday, July 17, 2022

12:30 pm                  Communications Judging

4:00 pm                    2022 Princess Interviews

6:00 pm                    4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Horse Show—Show Barn or

                                    Grandstand (depending on weather) 


Monday, July 18, 2022

6:30 pm                     2022 Junior Miss/Fair Royalty Contest


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

8:30 am                    4-H Exhibit Judging Begins - Roberts Building (members/family only)

12-12:30                   Lunch Break for Judges

4:30 pm                    All Dogs, Cats, & Pets must be on the grounds for inspection

5:00 pm                    4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Cat Show - Roberts Building

                                 Following the Cat Show will be 4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Pet Show

                                 Following the Pet Show will be 4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Dog Show

5:30-9 pm                 All market and breeding animals start to arrive at the grounds.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

All Day                      Village Folk School's "Paint the Fair"

8-12:00 pm               Weigh-In for Market Animals

2-6:00 pm                 All Non-Weigh-In Animals May Enter

3-5:30 pm                 Weigh-In for Market Animals

5:30-6:30 pm            Free Watermelon by First Iowa State Bank

6:00 pm                    All 4-H/FFA animals must be in place

6:30 pm                    Pizza Party and Livestock Exhibitor Meeting -  Show Barn

8:30 pm                    Glow-Fun Run

Thursday, July 21, 2021

All Day                     Village Folk School's "Paint the Fair"

8:00 am                    4-H/FFA Sheep & Open K-3 Sheep Show - Show Barn

11:00 am                  Fair Fun Coloring & Scavenger Hunt

1:00 pm                    4-H/FFA Meat Goat Show (or a half-hour after Sheep Show) - Show Barn  

3:00 pm                    4-H/FFA Dairy Goat Show (immediately after Meat Goat Show) 

4:00 pm                    Music Bingo - Shelter House

4-6:00 pm                 Free Ice Cream & Strawberries by Farmington Strawberry Festival

6:00 pm                    4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Rabbit Show  - Rabbit Barn

8:00 pm                    Barn Dance - Under the Grandstands

Friday, July 22, 2022

All Day                     Villages Folk School's Paint the Fair

8:00 am                    4-H/FFA Swine Show - Swine Barn

11:00 am                  Make & Take Crafts Banner Bag & Duct Tape - Shelter House

2:00 pm                    Make & Take Crafts 100th Anniversary - Shelter House

3:00 pm                    Fire Show - Polk Dot Circus Wagon

3-4:00 pm                 Mid Summer Classic Swine Show Check-In - Swine Barn

4:00 pm                    4-H/FFA & Open K-3 Poultry Show - Poultry Barn

4:00 pm                    Music Bingo - Shelter House

5:00 pm                    Village Folk School's Paint the Fair Art Exhibit - Under the Grandstand

5:00 pm                    Beer Tent Opens

5-9:00 pm                 Choppers Axe Throwing
5:30 pm                    Grandstands Open

5:30 pm                    Mid Summer Classic Swine Show - Swine Barn

6:00 pm                    Event Show - Polk Dot Circus Wagon

7:00 pm                    Georgia Thunderbolts

                                 Sponsored by Cantril Days

8:30 pm                    Kentucky Headhunters

                                 Sponsored by Cantril Days

Saturday, July 23, 2022 - VAN BUREN COUNTY FARM BUREAU DAY

All Day                     Van Buren County Farm Bureau at the Fair

8:00 am                    4-H/FFA Beef Show - Show Barn

                                    Open K-3 Nursing Calf Show

                                 Dairy Cattle Show (immediately following)

10:00 am                  Make & Take Crafts Sand Art - Shelter House

10:00am-12:00pm    Open Meat Goat Show Check In

                                 Open Sheep Show Check In

1:00 pm                    Make & Take Crafts Memory Book/Cup Game - Shelter House

1:30 pm                    Mid Summer Classic IMGA Open Goat Points Chase Show

                                 Immediately following the Goat Show

                                 Mid Summer Classic HYSLC Open Sheep Points Chase Show

5-7:00 pm                 Meal Served by Van Buren County Cattlemen

4:00-5:45 pm            Truck & Tractor Pull Registration

5-9:00 pm                 Choppers Axe Throwing

6:00 pm                    Fair Premiums Paid - Fairboard Office

6:00 pm                    Truck & Tractor Pull


Sunday, July 24, 2022 - KIDS DAY

8:00 am                    All livestock not being sold released

8-10:00 am               Battle on the Border check-In

8:30 am                    All Other 4-H exhibits released

9:00-9:30 am            Community Worship Service - Under the Grandstand with Tim Sprouse

10:00 am                  State Fair Static Photos- Roberts Building

10:30 am                  Baby Contest (registration @ 10:00) - The Fair View Barn Farm Bureau Room

11:00 am                  Kids Games begin

12:00 pm                  Deadline for Sale Notice

12:00 pm                  Battle on the Border Open Beef Show (IJBBA Sanctioned)

2:00 pm                    Pedal Pull (Registration at 1:30 pm) 
4-5:30 pm                 Demo Derby Check In

5-9:00 pm                 Choppers Axe Throwing
5:50 pm                    Demo Derby Driver's Meeting

6:00 pm                    Southern Smash Demo Derby

Monday, July 25, 2022

4:00 pm                    Presentation of Marcie Carr Memorial Award - Outstanding Shepherd

5:00 pm                    Fair premiums paid - Fairboard Office

5:30 pm                    Meal Served by Farm Bureau

7:00 pm                    4-H/FFA Livestock Sale