Winter Storage Available

The Van Buren County Fairgrounds stores automobiles, trucks, boats, motor homes, travel trailers, etc. in the livestock buildings from the first weekend of November until the last weekend of March of each year.


To reserve a space complete the following online registration. Storage dates and times are filled on a first-come basis. We will try to honor your request to the best of our ability. Your storage date and time will be confirmed within 30-45 days of receipt.

The 2021-2022 storage rates for under roof, Open Sided Barns are:

  • Units up to 20ft  $100

  • Units over 20 ft. up to 30 ft  $120

  • Units over 30 ft up to 40 ft  $130

  • Units over 40 ft $150

  • Cars/Pickups/Motorcycles $100


The 2021-2022 storage rates for under roof locked barns are:

  • Units up to 20 ft  $125

  • Units over 20 ft. up to 30 ft  $140

  • Units over 30 ft up to 40 ft  $150

  • Units over 40 ft  $175

  • Cars/Pickups/Motorcycles $125

All units are measured tip-to-tip including the tongue and spare tire. Payment must be submitted with the online application.


  1. All portable propane/butane gas tanks and portable fuel tanks must be removed or emptied by the order of the Fire Marshall. (Reference NFPA, Chapter 5, paragraph 5100.) Exception: container 2 1/2 lbs. and under, not exceeding 24 containers.

  2. The storage department does NOT provide any in/out storage. Your unit, once stored, is considered to be in dead storage. THERE IS A $50 CHARGE IF A UNIT HAS TO BE REMOVED BEFORE THE SCHEDULED MOVE OUT DATE.

  3. Vehicles are stored on assigned dates in the fall and are removed from storage on assigned dates in the spring. All removal dates are scheduled late in March. Removal dates are assigned in order to limit the moving of your vehicle. If you are unable to keep your removal appointment, we will charge $100.00 late fee and your unit will be towed outside and parked on the Fairgrounds for you to retrieve.

  4. When storing a motorized vehicle such as a car, motor home, truck, etc., no units may be stored on blocks, nor may tires be removed or radiator antifreeze is drained from the unit placed in storage. All units must be movable and batteries may not be removed from any car, truck, motor home, etc.

  5. Boat motors should be positioned so that there is enough clearance while moving the unit in and out of storage.

  6. The Van Buren County Fairgrounds must have a phone number on file where you can be reached in case of an emergency.

  7. The Van Buren County Fairgrounds reserves the right to place units where the department deems most appropriate.

  8. All storage locations are unheated; therefore, your unit must be winterized.

  9. It is the customer’s responsibility to carry insurance on the stored unit. The Van Buren County Fairgrounds assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, vandalism, destruction, security, or protection of property which is placed in storage.

  10. All units will be measured from “tip to tip” including the tongue to the spare tire. This measurement may not agree with your title card since the title will not count the toung or spare tire.

  11. The storage department recommends that you cover your vehicle.

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