Due to COVID-19 Iowa 4-H, Iowa FFA and Iowa Association of fairs have agreed upon some changes.

  1. All Spring Weigh-ins are canceled. No swine weigh-in, No sheep and goat weigh-in

  2. The Original May 15th Animal ID deadline is now June 1st.

  3. Since we will not be having a spring weigh-in families will be responsible for tagging their animals. If you are not comfortable doing so please contact me and I will find someone to help you.

  4. Families will sign up through sign up genius for a reservation by date.

    • Two (2) families can check out per day. If you plan to show any of these FFA you have the option to comment on the signup, please note FFA.

  5. Sign up dates range from April 3rd-May 15th.

  6. Link to sign up genius https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B044FA5A92BA5F58-animal

  7. Jennifer will call you a few days prior to your check out time to gather the information she needs to help create bags for families.

  8. Come to the office on your reserved date.

    • A tote will be outside the office.

    • Pick up the bag with your family's Last name on it.

  9. Look in the bag and be sure everything you need is in it. Directions will be in the bags.

  10. Return the tagger, a check to VBC extension for the tags, and the ID sheets within 24 hours.

    • Sheep and Goats will need to have photos of the ear tags taken– see help sheets in bags for more info.

    • Sheep and Goat males MUST be weathered.

    • VB Extension must have ear notches for the pigs. If you do not know how to read ear notches please let Jennifer know.

    • Male pigs MUST be barrows

  11. Jennifer will upload your info in 4honline and you will need to verify them, just like in years prior. Jennifer will be sure to put help sheets on how to verify in your bags.


The taggers MUST come back to the office, do not pass them on to another family.

They must be sanitized for biosecurity.

If you have questions or need help with sign up genius please contact Jennifer 319-293-3039 jbathje@iastate.edu


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